Not enough time

Today I didn’t get a chance to spend time in the morning doing the things I really wanted, sometimes need, to do: enjoying a slow cup of coffee, browsing my RSS feeds, meditating, doing Pilates, writing a blog post, and most of all, fiddling around with my baby.

Ha, I’m feeling guilty for wanting to be with the baby. Not this one (precious as he is):


but this one:

As in there are seasons in life when certain things take over and therefore it’s hard (impossible) to pursue other things, one has to be smart aboiut evaluating what’s important and it involves gradually adjusting routines and times to be able to meet obligations and have time for what matters.

My adjustment would be, maybe, to sleep a bit earlier (instead of lovingly obsessing over MacBook) and get up a bit earlier to have just that extra 45 minutes that might make that smidgeon, but enough, of a difference in my day.

I just really want to play with them BOTH.