First impressions

Ha, I’m getting to know our baby. No, not le petit, but the new MacBook. Some early impressions:

Very early likes:

The keyboard. Knew that I would though, after months of playing around on Mac computers at London Drugs and Future Shop. I love the Sony Vaio keyboard as well, but the key identification symbols are much simpler on the MacBook.

“It just works.” OK, get it at last after reading many blog posts about this. Plug most things in, they’re picked up right away. My hub’s Blackberry microSD card wouldn’t detect on our HP laptop, but when we popped it into the Mac, presto, there were the videos and pics we wanted to upload. Even about moving my music library, I’ve read about people who’ve had difficulties migrating their music files from WMP-based jukebox systems, but I plugged in our IOmega hard drive where I backed up all our digital music, and le voila, the Mac had no problem picking them up and transferring them to iTunes. The only glitch is, of course, that before I had discovered mp3s, our cds had been saved as WMA files, so I’ll have to re-rip them, but that’s ok, because that’s also before I’d learned about bitrate, too.

“Home”. Like the way accounts are set up in HOME folders and that things like Library, with preferences, are so easy to locate, in general.

Expose and Spaces. Have been using Expose since day 1 and love it, especially since I starting using shortcut keys instead of the mouse. Love the concept of Spaces, but haven’t really been able to utilize it well, though I plan to learn how.

Applications. Open source. Developers. Some keywords I’ve been discovering in my explorations. Oh, the availability of different applications online and through the Apple Store. A world to be discovered, though I read about apps in Macworld magazine, long before the switch happened. Why didn’t I explore this during all my years with our PC? I never really even heard about free applications for PC, though I know now that they exist. But from the little exploration I’ve done since 5 days ago, the apps for Mac OS just look-so-much-better.

iTunes. Knew I would love it from reading about all it’s features on CNET and seeing various Steve Jobs keynotes. I was using MediaMonkey on our HP laptop, but I really do love the podcast subscription, updating and syncing functions for iTunes/iPod. Very smooth.

Very early need-to-grow-on-me:

Window size. Why can’t I maximize every window to take up the full screen since I can switch between apps with shortcut keys instead of having to click on the dock? Especially on a 13.3 screen. If I had the 20“ or 24“ iMac, I understand that full screen windows would be unnecessary, but the MacBook is the smallest laptop computer I’ve every purchased, and I would like the maximum room to view most window contents.

File arrangement in the window. There must be a shortcut somewhere or a command or an automator action somewhere that I’ve yet to figure out, but I like files dropped in a folder to arrange themselves by the parameter I set it to, automatically, and look orderly at the same time. In icon view, I cannot get files moved in to auto-arrange themselves in a grid, orderly fashion, i.e. by name, even though I’ve checked off the preferences.

iPhoto. Why do I need at least 4 versions of my photos on this computer? I have the photos in my Pictures folder, then in the iPhoto library stored as originals, and then also in the library by date, and then any modified pics also exist on top of the originals. Is such space-hogging necessary?