Living with a MacBook: 1 week in

Living with a MacBook

Reading “Switching to a Mac: the Missing Manual” by David Pogue was the best thing I did before making the move to Mac.

Not only read, but review, highlight, sticky tab, memorize the various sections about how I did X on the PC is now done this way on the Mac. And the shortcuts….. yes, memorize them! It makes work so much faster than moving around the pointer, aiming for small corners or boxes. That’s necessary sometimes, but hey, shortcuts were always more efficient on the PC and that principle still hasn’t changed.

I also read Robin Williams Leopard OSX, one of the best manuals of its kind because of the generous does of diagrams and screenshots throughout. I borrowed this from our regional library and b/c no one else apparently wanted it, I renewed it twice, for a total of 3 months and made good use of it.

Two other books I read which were very basic, a bit too simple for me but are very good for beginners are 2 titles in the Portable Genius series: MacBook and Leopard. Also screenshot driven, very simply laid out, simple steps and how-to’s, these are solid starter books, and much better than the Dummies guides which I glanced through but didn’t bother with picking up.

Because I knew almost a year in advance that I was going to get an Apple computer some day, I had plenty of time to prepare and get familiar to the applications and functions and keys of an Apple system before actually purchasing one. The books, as well as the myriad of switcher blog posts out there for the switcher were invaluable prep and continue to be in getting familiar with this new world I’m inhabiting, and soon hoping to thrive in.