Sunday morning, I’ve been converted

Until I am able to find a program or app that I can trust for journaling, I’m going to have a bunch of notes in lots of different folders/fonts that I’m going to have to try and keep track of and import to whatever final software I decide to use.

In any case, I’m still a enamoured of the Mac. One week old and still as gorgeous as usual, hasn’t lots its zing and attraction. I’m in LOVE with a THING. Does this happen to everyone who owns a Mac?

It’s vaguely, and I feel guilty for it, like my experience last year when Le petit was born: lack of sleep, hours ogling every little detail of his being, making numerous references to supplementary materials on primary care and maintaining health, fantasizing about what he would be like in a few weeks, months, years’ time….. it’s VERY similar!

I’ve read so much about fanbois and Apple lust and even now own a copy of Leander Kahney’s The Cult of Mac. I think I’ve dipped my toe into that madness.