Living with a MacBook: 2 weeks in

Living with a MacBook has been easy. Life has been a blur and personal productivity has taken a kick in the pants, as in, backwards, in the meantime. WHY?

App discovery. A feverish, blurry world of clicking on link after link in MacUpdate, the Apple downloads section, reading reviews, comparing programs and then forgetting what I read and starting over again in some cases.

In one way, what a delight to discover all these COOL applications that I cannot wait to get my hands and inner tech self on and ….er…. play. Yes, that’s exactly it, like a kid with toys. My higher self says, no, these are not for playing, they are for increasing productivity and effectiveness to life in general, adding to quality of life. Mon mari would say that he has yet to really see the “adding” part. Lack of sleep, the failure to make even the slightest dent in my bookstack of to read or currently reading pile, and neglected errands don’t really make for an increase in quality of life, not by his or by my estimation.

However, that increase in quality is the message that Apple sells. They do it well, too, by the uber cool factor of their products. But that is for another discussion.

But I have resolved. To be: more focused at work, focused on getting things done that need to be, keeping track of ….stuff and the detritus of life in general, and where possible, to use the MacBook to help with that. So comes the good part of picking out the tools to help with that, and that means trying out the apps!