Responsibilities and gladness

It’s a good morning. I feel tired still, though I had about 9 hours of sleep…. a lot to catch up on! But it was a great day today, with a sweet walk with my family, with a tender mari and a very happy Le petit. He’s just a happy person, this little son of ours, just about a year old and really full of spontaneity and energy.

Life is not only about children, but about how Le petit enhances the quality of just about everything about our every day.

I feel very strongly the responsibility to raise him to know about faith and then trust him to make his own wise choices about life. How are we doing so far, I wonder. All we can do really, is to give him an environment of love and security to give him confidence in his surroundings and himself.

And give him good tools and skills, emotional, mental, technological, and physical, that will equip him to better be able to do well on his future path.