App love

Out of the tons and tons of apps out there, the ones I’ve adopted so far that have been useful for my day-to-day life are:

  • MacJournal – to write and keep track of thoughts, get them down
  • Together – to collect and keep my electronic snippets organized in folders and with text and annotation. Love it so far
  • AppCleaner – to rid as many related files as possible when I delete something and it comes mightily in handy with all the trial apps I am running
  • Chronicle – very slick, attractive little bill/finances tracker, and very SIMPLE
  • VLC – so I don’t have to convert and keep multiple versions of media files
  • Bean – slick, simple little word processor (textedit is too limited – I can’t get the text sizer larger to start with! how can I write if I can barely see?)