Thoughts for my Sat night

Got up early at 6 with a typically smiling Le petit and found out we had no coffee, beans or ground 😦 Mari happened to be up so I sent him to Starbucks for a coffee pickup and he was surprised that I said “Starbucks” not “Tim Horton’s”. I think it’s the influence of dark coffee at my new office b/c I used to really prefer Tim Horton’s but was craving something dark for a morning pick-up. Mari was great (as usual) and got something for the both of us, and I had 2/3 of a bagel for breakfast, like EVERY morning, and the day was off to a good start.

Actually started slogging through getting our office/baby room/storage room sorted and organized. Like most sorting projects, the best results come when we’ve actually been able to sort and discard stuff. We donated and threw out stuff as a result and it felt GREAT. We are struggling with space and need more room for books but do not want to have shelves down at baby level, but cannot give up the room. Got inspired by a Flickr group on workspaces:

Love it. Utilize room to the ceiling, keep things off the ground, but still look pretty clean and neat with the uniform white theme happening.

Anyway, I feel great because it’s the first Sat in a while that we’ve been able to make headway into this project. Last week was efficient for getting the baby gate secured at the top of the steps, but it seemed like a small project compared to this one that’s been sitting on the backburner for, oh, 6 months.

Also, we had McDonald’s ice cream and limited time edition blueberry-rasberry pies for dessert, the whole family.

And now here I am with time to spend on the Mac. A good way to end the day.