MS Office 2008 for Mac

At my work, if you use a Mac at home or at the office for work,  the IT department will give you Office for Mac, 2008 version. Sweet.

Initial experience: Love the notebook layout in Word that  comes with only the Mac version. I don’t know why the PC version won’t implement it. Is it because it might compete with OneNote? Anyway, it’s the best looking UI on any MS Office product I’ve seen or used in my life, and I’ve been using them since 1991!

But the ribbon? Where is the familiar ribbon from PC’s 2007 Office suite? And why can’t I hide the Elements gallery bar? And why do the icons look so different? Of all my switching experiences, this has been by far the most challenging. I don’t think I will use Office on Mac if I can help it, but for now since I am not comfortable with Bean, I’ll try it out for my work documents.

But I needed to do actual work so I opened Excel and tried to work on a spreadsheet at home, and first, the program has a learning curve and some differences with the PC version, and 2nd, the 13.3 inch laptop is too small to handle legal- and bigger-size documents at a simple glance, esp. when the “hide cells” function doesn’t work properly! headache and 25 extra minutes wasted on trying to figure it out.

Frustration. Will work with it more and hopefully the experience will get better.