Current obsessions

What am I going on about? Today it’s about the apps and gadgets I am thinking about that will make my day, or at least the day in my head, since my “real” day has been about getting the program outlines done for the one of our university program liaisons, and creating a draft brochure outline with notes for my new international liaison manager.

So, back to the things that will make my day:

  • OneNote for Mac, which isn’t gonna happen soon
  • Evernote for Mac which I haven’t really explored but plan to do better with it
  • the red Tucano Second Skin for MacBook pro I bought from Simply Computing
  • listening to music I haven’t heard in a while, Stanley Turrentine this morning while focusing on work
  • Ron Livingstone, a new crush! on the show “Defying Gravity.” He was so good in “Band of Brothers” as well.
  • getting my office organized. Still needing: an in-tray, art for the walls, a proper pencil holder, an upright writing stand. Not absolutely necessary, but definitely helpful.