Just as I am getting the hang of iTunes (love doing manual sync after figuring it out and the new iTunes 9 expanded options), I realize that I am cutting myself short by not being able to sync my :

  • Creative Zen V plus
  • Sony walkman A- and S- series
  • iRiver Clix 2.0

I was going to be content with using the HP laptop for that, but seeing as how my hubby might take it away on a trip, it will leave me stranded for simple syncing solutions. I can drag-and-drop for sure, but there are problems with that too, i.e. album art won’t export.

Enter doubleTwist. Would love to try this new media organizer and player. Sounds like a smart new application.

Enter new dilemma. We just ripped about 300 CDs in either lossless or 320 bpm in order to save space.  Good for storage and Mp3 files work for compatability btwn the mac and PC. But the problem: size! The files are so huge compared to when I was only ripping 128bpm. SO…. now my 4g and 8g players won’t hold nearly enough music as my giant iPod Classic. Can I easily reduce the file sizes, or am I going to have to make 2 versions of the music files?

I am going to find a way to reduce the size of my music files on the MacBook to save space on the laptop, but also to be able to put more music on my other music players. After that, I would like to try doubleTwist, to see if it is the solution to my syncing trials.

What I realized through this: new technology brings incredible possibilities but also creates new problems.