A full weekend

I spent the whole weekend with my boy.

Didn’t do much that I thought I wanted to get done, because when it came down to it, the 50 minutes I had with Le petit down at the kids’ park at Riverside was way more important to me and lasting than sorting my clothes would have been. Le petit is making demands and expressing himself and striding more confidently into his world, and continues to be the brightest little light in mine.

He enjoyed the swing and watching the big kids at the park, as well as playing with leaves and touching the bronze bull at the park entrance. He’s now got a runny nose, don’t know where he caught it or what he’s fighting, but I’m trying to ignore that it might be something he contracted from putting his fingers in his mouth after mucking around at the adventure playground and picking at the dirt in the park. Really trying to ignore it, as I want to raise him to be comfortable with the world around him and not be afraid of every single germ and illness out there…… he seriously needs immunity in this world! However, with the H1N1 out there, I really should be concerned that Le petit doesn’t catch any bug that could be potentially fatal. So, how do I balance the desire to put him “out there” in the world and build a healthy immune system vs. being cautious about the potentially deadly bugs that really do exist? Something I need to think about. I’d like to run it by Mari as well, though I know he falls way on the side of encouraging the healthy immunity.

I think a word to describe our boy’s emerging character is jolly. He’s a generally very jolly baby, now a jolly toddler – good spirited, playful, a little prankster….. I am so looking forward to meeting his full-fledged boyish self in a few years.