Good reads

Picked up Gatty’s Tale by Kevin Crossley-Holland. I forgot how dang lyrical and descriptive his voice is, and focussed on an era I love, the Middle East of the 14th century. Gorgeous gorgeous writing and imagery. Can’t wait to finish this tale about the intrepid, clever, kind-hearted Gatty.

I also got so immersed into a vampire book on the weekend that I stayed up till 3am on Sat. night. It’s Sunshine, by Robin McKinley, and for some reason, I could not remember it at all though I read it the year it was written. Amazing character, Raven Seldon, aka Sunshine, aka head baker and cinnamon-roll-creator-extraordinaire. I loved her voice and her quirks as written by Robin. Very cool. I think she just set a bar for me, for what to look for when writing female non-vampire characters in vampire books.