Sunday afternoon – family and books

Mari is back home after being away in London, Ont for 2 1/2 weeks for work training. It’s good to have him back, his solidity, his kindness, his greeting first thing in the morning, his tenderness and joy in being with Le petit, every day.

I liked my solitude while he was away but I am thrilled to have him back around.

Well, Le petit is now preferring to walk than crawl, and putting his little but big hands everywhere they can reach, and starting to assert his preferences, along with anger or frustration when he doesn’t get his way. Very cute, but something we need to be mindful of to not let him always get his way, and in learning how to curb/shape his character in the meantime.

He is now speaking, too. Not words, but the syllables that come naturally to children: ba ba ba ba, ca ca ca, ki ki ki… this is his wake-up call as well, something that we can all hear as he babbles energetically every morning. I am very happy in my home.

I have also discovered Alice Sebold’s “The Lovely Bones” which I’m listening to. Amazing writing. Shades of Alice Hoffman, esp about in the parts about teenage love and life, and a mystery which I am looking forward to following throughout the chapters. It’s good to find a book I can get excited about.

The other author I’ve been nuts about is Patricia Briggs and her werewolf series, well, now 2 of them. All very excellent with amazing characters. I love her style and the voices of her characters, drawn so uniquely, very distinctly and the male characters so rrrr-rrrr but not over the top in erotic flowery display (a la Laurel Hamilton’s style). I’ve now read all the books except the most recent Alpha&Omega series, so I’ll have to pick that one up this week sometime.