Why this blog?

The long version of how this blog came about:

At the end of 2007, while I was working full-time at a mid-size university, I became pregnant, with an expected due date in September 2008.

During the 9 months of pregnancy, something very strange happened to me. I became curious about technology, and the use of gadgets and gear, initially just to prep for baby’s arrival. But the “gadgets” I was thinking of were things like: a more efficient mp3 player, to better port music around the different parts of the house; better podcast managing software than what I was using on our 4-year-old desktop PC; for that matter, a better computer that had a bit more speed, and an up-to-date OS, and hec, a laptop was way preferred because I would need to move from room to room with a baby around.

Making wise shopping choices meant exploring, researching, comparing, and making TONS of notes about the best options, and eventually, I had handwritten and digital lists, bookmarks, clippings and many saved MS Word docs, since my workflow at the time was to copy text from Mozilla Firefox, and open Word, and paste my research findings into a document.

But the more I read searched on the internet about tech stuff, the more I discovered TONS of very cool web/tech/gadget/software stuff out there that I knew nothing about. The world opened up and I fell in deeply. I became crazy about things web 2.0 and became interested in the ways the internet and related tools already influenced our lives, my work, the way we think and absorb information, and the ways in which they influence the shape of decision-making in business and in personal lives, including my own.

Since we wanted a laptop pretty quickly, we went to the local Staples and bought a terrific HP 14 inch laptop at a great steal. It changed our lives and I converted my partner, mon mari, to the portable computing way of life. As it was early on in my falling in love with all-thing-web/tech, I was still obsessed and pleased with our HP.

Le petit was born in September 2008, and as he grew into a thriving, healthy baby boy and as I learned to be a mother, both his and my experiences were chronicled, filmed, recorded, uploaded and shared using HP. I will ever have fondness for HP because of these memories.

As Le petit grew and developed in the ways babies do, so did my explorations reading about software and hardware. My world expanded from just CNET.com to Engadget, Mashable, GigaOm, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, MakeUseOf, and a handful of other blogs that I would consume like mad in any time I had leftover where I wasn’t zoned out in exhaustion. And the name that kept crossing my path was APPLE.  I discovered there was a whole cult, terminology and alt-lifestyle around Apple products. Up till them, I didn’t even own an iPod. The more I read about Apple, and the more I saw the software and hardware photos and read reviews about them, the more the simple gorgeousness of all things Apple appealed.

Over Le petit’s first year, I read and learned about Mac computers as well as Apple culture. I learned terms like “unboxing” and “fanbois” and started to use iTunes for my music management, even though none of my 4 mp3 players were compatible with it. By the time Le petit was 11 months old, I had convincingly persuaded mon mari that since he was monopolizing HP and our old desktop was gathering dust, that it would be fair that we add one more computer to our household so that we wouldn’t have to fight for time with a laptop.

So, in August 2009, I bought my first MacBook: the 2nd generation unibody 13.3 inch MacBook Pro on a promotion which included a free iPod, and so I also got an iPod Classic 160 g, with its amazing storage capacity.  When Le petit turned one in September 2009, the major event was chronicled, filmed, captured, and recorded, all on the Mac: iPhoto, Macjournal, Safari, and the whole Mac universe had come alive for me.

As quickly as I had fallen into the world of the web and things tech, so also did Apple and MAC OS become a vital part of my relationship with the internet and daily workflow.

So, here are my stories of learning to live with and love our Le petit and the Mac, and exploring the 2.0 world.

Please feel free to say hello. It turns out that engaging with others is definitely one of the best parts about what we can do with technology.