App Love: Don’t Go Crazy

It’s been so long since I wrote about switching and I wish I’d kept up. I learned a LOT. One main thing is:

Don’t go crazy with applications.

Really, there is such a plethora of available applications, trials, free apps, that it is easy to get sucked into the idea that they are all necessary. They are not. I went crazy and downloaded so many, and then found that I didn’t have time in the course of a normal day to really apply them, test them out with all their features, and ended up not getting to try them out properly during the trial period.

Nowadays, I am still trying out new apps, but trying to be more methodological about it. Before downloading an application, I now ask myself:

  • What am I going to use this for?
  • Do I need this application right now?
  • Do I have time this _______ (day, week) to test it out?
  • Is this application in beta, or is there a major update slated just around the corner?
  • Is it beautiful?

I have to ask the last, because for me, the user experience is something I fell in love with as a new Mac user and is one of the key reasons why I am such a proponent of using the Mac for many different things. So, if an application isn’t really beautiful – in look, in simplicity, in ease of use – then it probably won’t get lots of use, which means I don’t really need it. (Caveat: there are some really a super-functional wizard apps out there – VLC, for example – which aren’t really gorgeous, but really do their jobs really really well and so deserve all the kudos and fans. ).