Slowly making good use of apps

I was so happy to get on board with what is known in the Mac world as Mac bundles. The recent MacHeist event, its Nano event with only 6 apps was what I “participated” in. One application I’ve been eyeing for a while is WriteRoom, poorer imitators of which I already had tried out: jDarkRoom and DarkRoom and even WrongRoom.

Anyway, as a simple text writer, that’s exactly what I need for writing letters, proposals at work, manuals and handbooks for the programs we are working on. It is a simple, clutter-free app and I love working with it. Very happy with it.

The other apps, I wasn’t as excited about – they wouldn’t immediately add to productivity or creativity in my daily workflow, but Twitterific may come in handy for follow tweets about the topics I’m interested in. I’ll try it out sometime this week.