Thinking about the year

Both mon mari and I had a long day of work yesterday, and it was also rather a blah day – get up, eat, rush out the door, plan for the day, take care of the little one and work, then get home and do our chores, and I went out to another woman’s baby shower (7 in the past 6 months?!!) – just mundane, normal, nothing special.

But you know what? I woke up feeling really good about yesterday. In spite of the mundane, I felt really close to Le petit, and close to mon mari, and had a really good time talking with the gals at a friend’s shower, some of whom were some of the first people I met after moving to Kamloops. It was good to talk to them and see the strength and adaptability they possess.

One friend, Katherine, I admire for being a pastor’s wife, a working woman, dealing with her husband’s family illness and loss the past year. I see how women work out their lives in spite of a myriad of priorities and concerns – lack of money, lack of direction, lack of clarity about next steps…. THIS IS LIFE. And I love my life, love our lives. So what if it’s plain, so what if it’s uninspiring. We have to do our best in the daily grind.

It makes me think that what I really need to focus on NOW is doing my best in the little things, in the here and now in the situation I am in, rather than yearning and dreaming for things far off, whether that be NY, a master’s degree, better job stability and income, the elusive book, a perfect strong man for a partner, for a son that is upright and never gives his parents grief…. get REAL. What I have now – my job, mon mari, Le petit, my parents, my beaux-parents, and all in good health, a church family that I love, a city that is good, a house that is warm – these are my perfect moments. Last night, I came home, mon mari was already sleeping, and I sat down in front of this computer with a glass of white wine, and isn’t that just terrific?

The daily grind is not a grind, I think I wrote this before. It can be pleasurable.

But figuring out how to live out the best, fully, every day, this is a challenge. Also, I want us to grow broader in our thinking and compassion for others, and to live more fully what a spirit-filled life is, instead of growing…..contented to the point of spiritual fatness and worse, stagnancy. Not that I think that’s where we are at, but it is something that could happen to us down the road.

I hope to turn over a new leaf for the upcoming year. Fresh year, fresh attitude, fresh start.