Daily joy

Every morning and every night, I have such joy in my son.

He wakes up in a playful mood, and falls asleep after fooling around and expending energy on exploring the world he inhabits. Mon mari and I see Le petit’s precious self every day and I wonder what we have done to be gifted with such a gift, such a dear and wonderful gift, every morning.

I love my life, and a lot of it has to do with the daily happiness I find in Le petit.

Living with Le petit also makes me look ahead more, makes me think and feel that having a second child soon will be so worth it, in spite of plans I had for doing a master’s degree, travelling, moving ahead in my job…. but now that’s changed. I would love for Le petit to experience the companionship of a sibling and it’s really really ok with me. And with mari. We are both alright with moving ahead with growing our family even though we have uncertainties about money, about time, jobs, etc….. it’s all going to be alright, I know.

Isn’t it strange how prioirities change but it’s not wrong? I mean, that we are ok with those changes. That’s time and life moving on.