Cool writing apps for the MAC

What is it about writing applications that are so attractive ? Today I went over all the writing apps I’ve heard about/tried and they are all so fabulous, different features but all so thoughtfully created for simply on thing: writing.

The ones I’ve tried and really enjoy so far are:

JDarkRoom – really no frills, no distractions. Simply made for writing and nothing but. No extras at all. And its freeware as well.

WriteRoom – simple as well, but it imports various file types which makes writing much easier when you are collaborating, i.e. using word DOC format. It costs quite a bit for a simple textwriter, but I actually got mine from MacHeist.

MyTexts – this developer is fabulous and I love his applications. I might buy it just to support his work. MyTexts has a bit more frills that may come in handy – i.e. a list of all documents, prior works, prior projects, the ability to add tags and search within documents. Even after using the trial version, I found this a very very handy way to access my files, and I liked being able to access them without even a click to find them. As of today, the app is on sale with MacZot, about 50% off.

MacJournal – this is what I am writing this on, and I love all the features of the program but especially the fact that I can use the full screen/no frills view to do writing undistracted. Also one click to get it back to the normal app frame. AND, the ability to use the touchpad to zoom the text on this page. That is SO handy.

I haven’t settled on a single app yet, and I’m finding them all quite attractive in a minimalist, simple to use way. The decision is up in the air.