iTunes woes

Ok, I wanted to move about half of my music library out of my Mac and onto a hard disc….. Exported the ones I didn’t want into the trash in a single click and then moved the trash items into the designated folder on the drive.

Problem: where are the folders in which I organized all the tunes?

Why don’t the folders that held the tunes by artist/album, etc, export to the trash/new folder?

Why are only the individual files exported? It messes up the organization. And now I’ve started the reverse add back into library, and so far, it’s been like, 45 minutes, and all the tunes are still processing – nothing has been added back in yet. Hmmmmmm.

I see why so many people complain about iTunes and the stubborn, difficult way it doesn’t make it easy for one to add/delete stuff onto the iPod. I do find the PC way of managing music much easier.

It certainly has growing pains for me right now.