Random thoughts

A lot of thoughts floating around in my head this past week:

  • a new career path, doing something I love – I’m so interested in technology and blogging and change and what’s new, how can I channel that into meaningful work?
  • how can I work meaningfully in the position I am currently employed in
  • I absolutely loved the 10 days off that I had with Le petit – his mannerisms, the things he says, the way he acts, his playfulness and jokiness, the little scamp, the way he sings to himself in the morning in his cribwpid-dscf0005-2010-01-7-11-07.jpg
  • I must take my mom out for dinner/dessert one night
  • I need to think seriously about my commitment to Sarang and about how I am going to work there and with the kids
    • we need to get ready for maman et papa potentially coming for a visit
    • I need to plan/organize my time to be able to accomplish dreams in little chunks: i.e. running, studying, cleaning the house