Failing to organize

Well, I think it’s off to a slow start this year.

Have good intentions, but am in a rut where I can’t seem to launch, get moving, get motivated to DO what I set out to do.

I noticed this last night when speaking with some neighbors – just having a conversation about what our passions are, how to make a life that fulfills those passions, how to make work meaningful but also financially fruitful, how to balance work and raising children made me realize that I can express what I want to do: FIND PASSION and DO MEANINGFUL, SATISFYING WORK, but that I am not doing it. Speaking, discussing, hashing it out with other people, in addition to mon mari, got me really thinking, stimulated. I enjoyed it immensely and think that these kinds of discussions are essential to keeping us on track, to keep us revved and rearing to go.

Anyway, I also haven’t been able to get off my butt to get our house in order: it’s not that hard: only one step at a time, one small task at a time needs to be done. I see the big overall job and feel daunted but that’s not how it should be tackled. Do only ONE thing at a time, bite size, and it can get done. For pete’s sake, I spend half of last year reading about and implementing the GTD process, and know about the bite-size chunks. I even have software now that’s supposed to help with this!

Another thing: I need to be focused at work and try my best in the areas that count: working towards our team goals and staying on track with current projects. Simple, that is what work is, but it really really doesn’t get me spinning…..

But as a matter of integrity, I feel like I need to devote the time at work to my team, my department, my employer, because that is what an honest, hard-working employee does.

So, today is Sunday, and the Sabbath and our day of rest and rejuvenation. What I’ve rejuvenated so far is the redirection of energy and will to have Sabbath, REST, but then to start Monday as a work day, with intention, purpose and enthusiasm. It helps, though, that I know it will be a 2-day work week.