Olympic torch in town

Great event out on the town with Le petit, just the two of us.

Really on the town, since we were hanging out with thousands of our citizens, all out to celebrate the arrivale of the Olympic torch through the ‘loops. When have I ever particiated in that?

That’s awesome and I look forward to doing more of these city events through our newly adopted town.

It was cold, we were bundled to the hilt more for Le petit’s sake than mine, but once the club music started blasting out over the loudspeakers, I unwrapped him from his cocoon of blankets and let him stand up and dance and examine the loud, unfamiliar, energetic world around him. He loved the music, as usual, and seemed to really engage with all the people around – especially when we all got to flag waving.

I had a good night and I’m glad I changed my mind and ventured out in spite of the -zero temperature.