Identifying talents and goals

I realized today that I am NOT using my best abilities in my work, in my home, with friends…. What a waste to not make good use of things I am capable of, what natural abilities I have, the skills I’ve developed, and the mind I have. Do we all have moments like this in life, or times in life that we realize that we are NOT living up to the potential that exists in humans? I think there is a rhythm in it, but it still is disappointing from time to time when realization dawns on me. It does take some deliberate introspection to be aware of where we are at in order to move forward to where we, individually, in family, corporately, communally want to be.

I made a resolution today: to spend 2010 figuring out, pinpointing WHAT I am good at, WHERE I can develop/use those skills, and HOW to translate those skills into worthwhile work and hopefully something financially viable.

I want to get MY VOICE OUT there.
Therefore, I need to FIND MY VOICE.