Bhangra beats

Yesterday, our family attended the International Showcase for International Days 2010 at the local university, featuring musical, magical and dance performances from all flavours of the globe by international students and staff at the university. It was really well attended, barely moving room, with guests from the university and community. Like a typical student featured event, there was no doubting the heart and enthusiasm of all performers, but the calibre of the performances themselves that I attended were mostly m-eh, no surprise there. All but one act were heartfelt amateurs.

Until the last act: the Bhangra Boys from India, 8 male students, seniors, wearing matching costumes, dancing to bass beats and eastern sounds. They had the whole auditorium stamping and weaving to the beats of modern Indian dance and they dazzled with their choreography while their rhythm and energy overtook the room. The music, their physicality, their skill and their pure delight in what they were doing brought everyone to their feet with them. I was dazzled.

I loved that these boys from India brought this slice of their culture into our little community in Central BC. Now I can’t wait to pick up some bhangra tunes to play at home.