Shortcuts adoption

I am getting the command+(letter) shortcuts. Seriously.

How much easier does that make life? I don’t think I can ever go back to rolling around the screen with a mouse looking for that little button to click. But then, I’ve never tried the Magic Mouse, something to look forward to.

Now I find that on my PC at work and home, I’m also going for the command key before the control key, which used the be the ingrained habit in my fingers. How easily fingers are retrained. There is a lesson in that, isn’t there?

My most used shortcuts on the mac are:

  • command+Q : quit a program
  • command+W : minimize an open app or window
  • command+delete : delete directly to trash with no question
  • command+shift+4 : screenshot with shot selection
  • command+s : save
  • all the text-related ones: command+c, +v, +a
  • command+shift+c  (my default Evernote clipping shortcut)

I’m sure I’ll be learning more along the way, but these are the ones that are now no brainers and fully integrated into my computing workflow.