So worth it

Last week, a bunch of girls got together after work for appies and drinks at a local pub and I was invited to join them. I really wanted to, but I was thinking about the fact that if mari was working, then I didn’t want to leave Le petit with my parents all day, and even if mari wasn’t, shouldn’t I go home and spend time with my husband and my son? So, reluctantly, I told my colleague that I probably couldn’t make it, though I wanted to. I felt …. not disappointed, not bad, but I bit wistful at missing a chance to get to know some women that I didn’t know well yet at the office.

So, I got home and mon mari went to work, and as I was unwinding for the day and getting our dinner ready, there was Le petit getting all tangled with my legs, following me around everywhere, trying to lie down on my when I sat down, trying to get physically close to me, and all the while yapping away in his baby language.

I was instantly filled with the certainty that missing a chance to go out with my colleagues for the chance to be with my son and his small confident being was SO worth it. An entirely unregretful and rewarding trade-off.