Writing with ease, and then some

I resist getting on the bandwagon about a new product or gadget because who likes to be a follower, led by the nose, packherd, and all that? But one product that was raved about by so many geeks last year that drew my attention and about which I am now firmly one of said pack is Ommwriter.

After installing the program, I was presented with a very very simple interface, no menus or buttons with words of any kind, but a few icons that made intuitive sense either by looking at them, or after clicking two or three of them. It was the neatest 4 minutes I’ve ever spent figuring out preferences and setting my defaults on an application. I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you haven’t tried it out yet. You’ll see what I mean.

But the mark of a good application is that it helps you do what it claims it’s going to. Today at work, I buckled down and wrote a draft letter for something for work on Ommwriter – crunched out the words, got the document written, all the while using a keyboard click setting that made sounds like grains or rain falling onto a surface in an empty room. No, seriously, that’s what it sounded like. Check it out.


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