Tumblr and microblogging

What a FANTASTIC discovery, this world of microblogging.

After hanging out on the internet and reading blogs and following up on articles for about a year now, I thought I made a bit of headway into becoming familiar with “the web” and social media. When I discovered microblogging back in February, through an article on Mashable, I felt like a brand newbie all over again.

I’d never heard of Pownce, Jaiku, Tumblr, and I’d only heard of Twitter but never used it. Mind you, it’s hard to hear about these things if none of your close circle of colleagues or friends are using the tools either, and most of my local ones aren’t.

Well: wasn’t that an eye-opener.

Tumblr made it so easy to track, collect and share my web wanderings with just a few clicks and a handy bookmarklet. And, its themes are just gorgeous, even most of the free ones.

It isn’t really blogging, since it’s mostly “copying” or clipping what one has read or seen or watched from the net and just sharing it, redistributing it. Talk about remixing. This personal form of aggregation of stories is a new public discourse venue, and one that is wildly popular and utilized to the hilt already, as far as I can see.

It’s so easy to collect and share the pieces of interest, throw in one’s own thoughts, add a few of one’s own videos and photos – microblogging makes it easy to participate on the web as a voice and presence. (How relevant that presence is, is another story and a later post.)

It’s got my blood stirring.