Picture perfect

Been a long while since I’ve added anything.

There have been lots and lots of things going on, as in, a trip to NY, as in, a vacation, as in, my dad went to Korea and the the Holy Land. But seriously, I’ve been VERY lazy and BBBBAAAAAAAAD not to journal or blog.

However, I have been playing with my new app of choice: Picasa.

I LOVE it. I don’t know why I prefer it over iPhoto, which of course as usual, has the most gorgeous UI. But I like the flexibility to organize and view things in folders and move them around, as well as to group items and see them by event. Picasa 3.0 is also so integrated with Mac, at least in terms of keyboard shortcuts, contacts, plug-ins. that I am happy to use it as my new digital organizer of photos.

As well, I like it’s cool extras: making collages, uploading to other web services, framing and doing minor editing right in house. I still like other services like those offered by BigHugeLabs or by this neat little app called Poladroid (really, try it, you’ll love it) for fun and interesting stuff for free, but for basic stuff, Picasa is just great.

Something to take away for the day: