Small accomplishments in getting organized

Why is it so hard to just DO the things I have on my mind to accomplish?

Lethargy, laziness, the overwhelming feeling that there are so many things to do and not enough time to do them just paralyzes me. Ends up being useless. HOWEVER, it helps to have mon mari standing over me and MAKING me take steps towards….ie deciding what to throw out, what to keep, what I really need ….

I took small steps the last weekend and got rid of 150 CD in cases and put them into a binder for holding CDs. WHAT a GREAT feeling that was. Why didn’t I do that earlier? So refreshing to get rid of stuff. Much better to do that than sit around on my ass all weekend.

Another thing: I spend all this time trolling and browsing on design sites: Apartment Therapy (LOVE it) and some Swedish sites (what is it about their design eye?). It will take a little effort to take some of the ideas found there and DO something with them at our place, wouldn’t it? Not hard. Why can’t I just do something with it?

Something to work on.

Look forward to the next 2 months. I will work on:
1) one wall at a time to start at least making it look GOOD
2) devoting 1 day a week, 30 minutes, on prepping and planning for the kids’ lessons at the Korean community church
3) 1 day a week doing Pilates, 1 day a week doing cardio, just to START
4) making breakfast for mon mari one weekend day every week 🙂 My pleasure to do so.