quiet morning

It’s 5:30 am, July morning, pretty chilly for summer…….brrrrrrr…..

I’m up in the quiet of the early morn, my milky honey coffee in hand, revelling in the time to have ALONE, in quiet, to read and to reflect on my life and to write. I love this momentary restfulness, no need to focus on food or cleaning the house, or doing another load of laundry. Much as those things are necessary, they are still things that compete with my mind’s focus when I need to reflect and think and prep for the day and plan for the future.

I JUST SPOKE TOO SOON. Le petit had a really bad dream or something and woke up crying. …. our little scamp.


I just realized: if I cannot have another child, I am satisfied and overflowing with gratefulness just to have Le petit, for as long as we can.