Newfound love of late

Tumblr oh Tumblr, wherefore art thou?

What an AMAZING blog service: So many customizable options, some very very slick designs, you can add/change things, add services on some pages, one-click posting bookmarklets, use the free or purchase premium themes.

I was a novice, a blog virgin, when I joined Tumblr last February. But I picked it up very quickly and could find my way around it very easily without having to refer to documentation or the FAQ.  It’s one of the best services for people who want to blog or collect and share favorite posts/articles/pics/videos from their web surfing.  WordPress is good, too, but it takes way more saavy and figuring out to get things started, changed or modified in WP.

I love their weekly best tumblog. Did I mention that I love the variety of themes offered? I especially like: vintage scrapbook. Very very nice.

Great job, Tumblr folks. I think it’s one of the best inventions on the web today.

My main tumblog: rambling every day.