My week discovering WordPress

So, I finally discovered the power of WordPress and all it had to offer.

And you know what happened this week?

I spend about 11 hours tweaking and adjusting and trying out different themes and plug-ins, considering hosting options, thought about domain names, tested different options…… and barely wrote.

I mean, it took CHUNKS out of my rhythm and daily work routine.

I understand that initial set-up of any project, laying down the foundation, the bare bones of a new venture, and doing it right early on, lays the ground for good stuff later on that doesn’t need anything to be fixed. And it was FUN doing it. But I want to work well, write more, and more forward, not be stuck at the same place because I need to tweak.

From this week, 2 conclusions:

1) Until I learn a bit more code and programming and earn a bit more moolah, I will stick to instead of

2) Really good writers stick to great content over flashy form (i.e. Merlin Mann’s 43 folders). I can tweak all I want to the theme of a blog, but time and energy should be spent on the writing part.