Anxiety: A Lightweight Mac Task Manager

There was a review posted recently on WebWorkerDaily of Anxiety, one of the first task managers I started using on the Mac.  Some of the awesome features of Anxiety highlighted by the review listed below:

Unlike many of the more full-featured task managers, it’s relatively unobtrusive, taking up a tiny amount of screen real estate. The interface to check (and check off) your tasks is always easily accessible via a menubar button, but disappears when not required.

Anxiety presents your tasks as a simple to-do list in a small semi-transparent window that can hover over the other apps open on your desktop. It’s integrated with Apple’s other applications that posses to-do functionality; double-clicking a list item reveals the task in iCal or Mail for extended editing. Simple shortcuts allow you to see your full list externally.

via Anxiety: A Lightweight Mac Task Manager.

I appreciate this review because it pinpoints all the features I am usually attracted to in an app: simplicity, focused functionality, terrific UI and some integration with other native MAC OS applications.

I used Anxiety for about 7 months after I discovered it, but as I started to learn about GTD, I started looking for other options, and about 2 months ago, I switched to Dejumble. I haven’t quite got the hang of using Dejumble yet, but I as soon as I have, I will post my own review of this application.