Paper Cranes

paper cranes, theomama

Cranes keep occurring as a motif lately, in things I read, look at, and around our house.

Le petit has been playing with a box of 50 or so little cranes given to him by his aunt Rach two years ago. His game goes something like this:

  • take the lid off the box
  • dump all the cranes on the floor
  • pick them up and put them back in the box, handfuls or one at a time
  • once they are all in, dump them back on the floor
  • and so on.

Cranes are supposed to be a symbol of honor, loyalty, longevity or vigilance, depending on which myth you read. I don’t know why but their gracefulness and symbolism have stuck on my mind lately.

I think I’ll fold some for le petit, and for me, this weekend.