“Ethnicity is not important”

“Simon says it’s best not to invest too much of one’s identity in ethnicity.”

I am an avid listener of NPR and think that they are the best source of news, most of the time but this story was just… just… so… biased and bad.


As some of the commenters already pointed out, this story breaks the #1 rule of journalism, that the journalist be objective and have no bias. I guess journalism gets meshed with a bunch of other kinds of writing nowadays and this isn’t the biggest problem I have with this article but… ANYWAY.

That quote up there. That pressed a button. My first thought, who the hells is HE to tell ME that it’s not best to invest too much of my identity in ethnicity. DUDE. Being Korean is one of the most important things for my identity. When asked to draw a picture of “me” in a high school art class, I drew a big picture of the Korean flag as a part of the collage. Being Korean isn’t THE most important part of my identity but it’s certainly more important than a bunch of other things and I certainly do invest a lot of my identity, time, energy, and money into being Korean.