Online community through TV fandom

So, I’ve never really been a part of a TV show fanclub or following and haven’t ever tracked a show”s fan blog or site. First, I haven’t had a TV for years so we’re never into shows when they are current, which is when such sites are usually at their most active. Oh, I’ve totally lurked around on the Battlestar Galactica Wiki and Dexter’s ShowTime page, but I haven’t ever really hung around  on a site exclusively devoted to ONE TV show. Until very recently.

I just found out about a show called True Blood, about 4 weeks ago.  I finished watching the last available episode of Southland (great, gritty, LA cop show) and was lamenting the lack of a next episode, and had nothing in my shows queue, and saw the True Blood link on the streaming site where we find our shows. I clicked it……and 4 weeks of limited productivity and vampire distractedness has since ensued, and it’s not even over yet.

It was my screaming desire to know “what happens next” by the time I got to the current season, as well as to know the backstories about the verrrrry interesting characters on this HBO series that took me to a very well-done site, Loving True Blood in Dallas.  The site is linked to a weekly podcast on  Talk Blood Radio that introduced me to another site,

These 2 sites are so fabulously conceived: both are so open to community interaction and have components that can be accessed via twitter, facebook, email, via the blog, via iTunes – I was taken aback at how really really comprehensive the sites were.  There are forums, spoiler sections, character and cast bios, interviews, video clips, galleries and even contests to win sundry and books. I mean, these aren’t network or corporate sites: they are sites for fans, by fans, devoted to ONE show.

They can’t be off the side of one’s desk, can they? It would take a long long time to manage the information and design and posts, I think, of such a site. It would practically be a full time job, I would imagine.

Also, there are so so many people that are engaged with the sites and podcasts, livestreams, etc. I see that people meet to discuss, dissect, swoon over, speculate, hash and rehash each episode, storylines, characters, the music, the costumes, the sets…….. it’s boundless, the topics fans can get into about a fictional TV (and book) series, and there is such fervency in the discussions.

Anyway, I was pretty blown away and it’s made me think a lot about the way in which we can meet and form our tribe(s) in this day and age. I think this is resonating with me this much because it’s actually something I’m feeling pretty strongly about lately and other than one person at work, I don’t have anyone I can confabulate with about the episodes as they are aired.

So, at least until the furor around and I’m sure after, the long awaited Sept. 12 finale winds down, I will continue to be avidly devoted to these 2 sites.

Vive la online community!