The study of media and communications, JOUR 307

First day of class, first time in a university class in 10 years. I’m actually pretty pumped about it.

Ongoing assignment for this class? To keep a running media log. Sounds interesting but what are the parameters? It could take FOREVER for me to record what I do on the net and with other “hard copy” media on a daily basis. Prof says he will provide guidelines. 

One thing that’s certainly changed: our “classroom” is a computer lab and our “desks” consist of spaces so dominated by large monitors that I cannot see over the tops of them to see all my classmates’ faces.

Look forward to the first actual class next Monday.

Key concepts in this class for me:
  • a “mediaverse”
  • identity of nations conceived and perceived through mass media, as disseminated and perpetuated on a global scale
  • patterns of media consumption/interaction/intake