Something to get me REALLY excited about writing, another app

As a newbie Apple fan, I eagerly look forward to all the new Apple product releases and spec sheets, as does the entire world of mac fans. (Not that I can afford the new products, but it still makes me feel good to LOOK.) But something else I’ve started to anticipate over the last year is the release of new application versions, especially if it’s an app I use a lot.

Just today, I saw on Twitter that one of my all time favourite apps has just released its new version, I guess its official release now, since it was in Beta (but a very very functional beta) for the longest time. It’s Ommwriter, which I’ve crushed on before.

The new version is called OmmWriter Dāna. What’s different in the new release?

From their website:

Very little. Fortunately. Most changes are too subtle to be noticed or to write home about. But they add to the overall ease of the OmmWriter experience. Some that you may notice are:

  • Monospace font support.
  • Larger text size option to improve accessibility and for visually-challenged users.
  • Access to Menu bar from within OmmWriter by scrolling to top of screen.
  • Ability to create a new file using the file menu or with command + N.
  • Compatible with spaces.
  • Dual screen support that blanks out the second screen when in use.
  • Ability to return to the original text box size (in view menu).
  • New file formats to save to: .pdf or .rtf.
  • Improved user experience with horizontal cursor

It also now comes in 2 versions: the free and the paid. The paid version will have a few more audio and visual scapes to work with, including this one:

New “Blur” background for Ommwriter Dana

The pricing model? The user can choose with the only condition being that the price should end with a 1 (i.e. $4.11 or $11) because the number 1 “is auspicious” in some cultures.

Aren’t the developers a hoot? I mean, how many developers name their application after “the practice of cultivating generosity”? I love their vision, their narrow focus and their no frills approach to their business.

I’m still waiting for the email with the download file so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I know it will be a totally cool experience.