Health & Being Online: Reasons to Log Off


These days, many people are always online in some way, via their smart phones, tablets, or via their laptops. It doesn’t matter if you’re not at home, if you want to you can be reachable at any time. For some professions, this is a necessity, but for a lot of others, it isn’t. While we think that the Internet is great, we also think that people should log off now and again.


Oh, absolutely. 

We NEED time to just have mental and digital SILENCE. See the trees. Hear the rain. 

It was way harder for me to enforce a “digital-free” time at home, and it’s not working very well, since I realized that I count music as digital media. But at least being aware of the need for it, and trying to implement it gives me a concrete starting point to be able to NOT surf the information highway and just… BE.