Wired in the big cities

I spent some time in Vancouver lately and couldn’t help but notice the difference in the connectivity and presence of the online networks. I mean, there are so many hotspots, the airport has free wi-fi, the proportion of visible mobile phone users seems to be higher, and though I don’t have a smartphone yet, I know that the number of location social media services/check-in spots and online businesses is much much higher than our city, not just by numbers which is a ludicrous measure of comparison, but in proportion. 

It made me think: why is that?
What are the factors that make K a less-wired, online city than other cities of comparable size?
Why isn’t the presence of a university enough to spur the impetus for a vibrant and active online community?
Is there an online presence in my city that I have somehow missed, where there are people doing things via social media and other forums elsewhere ?

These are questions that have been brewing in my mind for a bit, but they really came to the forefront this past week, being in downtown Vancouver. I miss it there. My re-naissance to social media and having an online self really occurred after I moved away from Vancouver so I wonder how my experiences would have been different if it had occurred in a place where my online connections would translate more quickly into face-to-face connections and networks.