Our bodies are going online – but where will it lead us?


Internet-connected implants

That’s just sensors on the outside of our bodies; imagine what implants could do. The organ sensors we began this post with might be just the start. There are already Internet-connected pacemakers, where might we end up? If an Internet-connected implant was attached to our brain at all times, interpreting our thoughts, we may be able to dictate an email by thought alone or order a pizza for when we get home just by thinking about it.

This may sound like science fiction, but our knowledge of how the brain works is increasing, with brain-controlled movement of prosthetic limbs and even “mind reading” developing. It may not be next year, or even this decade but our brains could well be Internet-connected eventually. You think people would reject such an idea? Not everyone would opt for such an “enhancement” but if the benefits are great enough, some would. Back in 2007, 11% of respondents in a survey said they were very or somewhat likely to accept an online brain implant if it could be done safely……

It may sound like a distant nightmare but it’s a perfectly possible conclusion for a sequence of technologies that are already being developed. Just be thankful that you’re likely to be dead before the scenario rears its head.

Our prof has mentioned something like this a few times, that tech-controlled body-related developments are a future possibility and that he is generally wary of such “advances”.

Well, here we are, a few steps closer to this new reality.