The toils of a switcher

I came across this article by a recent Mac switcher and read this:

I’ve discovered that Cmd+` cycles through windows within an application but those options only seem to work when the windows themselves haven’t been minimized. A minimized window seems to fall in to a black hole of sorts, and I’ve yet to figure out how to easily restore them.

It cracked me up because this is EXACTLY what I struggled with early on, and even these days, once in a while. Where does that minimized window go? How can I get it back with a single shortcut?

Well, in the comments section of the post, I saw this:

Neil Demjay
Thursday, October 14 2010
When holding Cmd + Tab to cycle through apps. select the app you want with minimized windows and hold the Option key. This will auto maximize the front window again.

Neat. Look forward to trying this.