Full screen on the Mac, FINALLY

In today’s “Back to the Mac” event, Steve Jobs highlights some of the new features of the new Mac OS.

The one I find pretty funny is this:

Full-Screen Apps

If you’ve ever been a little frustrated at the half-assed functionality of the green button on each Mac window, you’ll be pleased to know that it now has a useful function. Clicking it will transform the app you’re currently using into a “Full-Screen App”.
Generally, it seems that this has more of an impact than simply enlarging the window you’re currently viewing. The notion of a full-screen app becomes a core feature of the OS.

(from AppStorm)

I mean, I find it odd that it is an “innovation” that required feedback and active use on the iPad to remind Apple designers of its usefulness. The month after I had purchased my MacBook, I installed a tiny little free app called Right Zoom that made the green button on the Mac window function like it obviously (in my mind) should: resize the window full-screen. Having Expose makes it possible to work in full-screen mode and switch between windows without ever minimizing or clicking on anything. So I’m a bit stumped about how Full-Screen plus Mission Control is supposed to be a big update. Maybe a little bit more productive for some, I can see that.

Otherwise, I’m still looking forward to using the App Store (I like the concept of one-click installations and app views) and seeing the other changes that Lion will bring.