Little powerhouse in the palm of my hand

So I’m learning to get comfortable with my little LG smartphone. From the reviews by experts out there, it is apparent that my smartphone model is not highly acclaimed: it’s no 2 Ghz power processing monster but a measly 600 Mhz, and has a mere 100 Mb of internal memory, unlike many current models with higher capacities and specs.

But for my needs, it’s terrific. JUST terrific. I’m in love with a device.

Just some of the things I can do, in the palm of my hand, from my desk, on the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office or at the coffee shop, without having to lug around a 5 lb laptop computer, as gorgeous as the MacBook may be:

  • read my google reader feeds
  • have access to our family’s medical, ID, official documents and numbers
  • receive emails
  • get news/updates from my friends and social networks
  • take photos and share them online
  • write and post blog posts
  • browse the internet
  • take amazing photographs
  • read my e-books (well, I wouldn’t regularly do that on a 3+ inch screen, but I CAN)
  • activate a lightsaber that swooshes and sounds like Darth Vader’s, Luke’s or other Star Wars characters’
  • make long-distance calls over wi-fi for free

and, what distinguishes it from an iPad, at least for now, is that I can make and receive phone calls on the device as well.

Here are some of the apps that I’ve installed for free: