Remixologist, job description please

This is an event going on at SFU, November 6 this year. It actually sounds terrific and I would go if I were in the Lower Mainland. What caught my eye about the event add, other than the pretty groovy poster design, were some new vocabulary words that made me stop mid-scan. At least, they were new words to me:

Join media innovators, technologists, artists, citizens and the online community at Fresh Media – a celebration of innovation and independent media, and a re-imagining of media and journalism.

About Fresh Media ReMixology:

ReMixology is a new series presented by Fresh Media, where we come together to sample and share ideas in discussions lead by some of Vancouver’s best and brightest media remixologists

Inspired by the growing energy around the ways in which technology, art, media, and participatory frameworks are spurring innovation in the not-for-profit, journalism, and social change communities, Re-Mixology is a great opportunity for citizens and media-makers to come together and connect over timely discussions and presentations that showcase fresh and imaginative examples of media innovation.

I love where it says “by some of Vancouver’s best and brightest media remixologists.”

WTF is a remixologist?