Quick little mind

So, Le Petit has become incredibly fond of ice cream, “kem gasee”, as he says, since he spent time with his grandmama in QC earlier year. Once in a while we give him a little cone with vanilla ice cream.

A few nights ago, his papa told him told him that he could have some ice cream after he finishes his dinner. After Le Petit devoured his little cone, as I was unbuckling his high chair belt and setting him down, I told him to go thank his father for the dessert.

Specifically, I said, “Say thank you to papa for the ice cream.”

He said,”Merci papa pour creme glacee.”

Le Petit made the switch seamlessly from one language to the other without a hitch.

It’s probably something instinctual and natural for young minds, but still, I’m very proud of him.

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