Small city, revisited

A few weeks ago I mentioned a newfound fondness for my small city.  I just wanted to note a city-wide project that took place a little while ago along the theme of “our city”, “our community”. It’s the Kamloops Project, October 19, 2010, organized by The Kamloops Daily News.

kamloops community project

A few details from the project site:

The photographs and written submissions on this site were contributed by the residents of Kamloops, who were asked to record what they were doing, thinking or feeling on Oct. 19, 2010, as a way of chronicling a day in the life of our community.

Editorial staff of The Daily News produced the photo slideshows and audio features.

This website, as well as a commemorative printed publication, was created by a project team led by editor Mel Rothenburger. Team members were drawn from the editorial, advertising and marketing departments of The Daily News, as well as the website development division of Glacier Media, parent company of The Kamloops Daily News.

It’s the first digital project on this scale about a place I actually lived in in which I actually took part. It’s a micro-snapshot of the people, places and events of this community and I hope this project, or ones like this, will grow in scope as more people become aware, participate and contribute to this one way of city-building.

*If the pages are static, Le Petit has an entry on page 18.